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UK Big Cats - Puma (Felis Concolor)
Often known as the Mountain Lion or
Cougar, the Puma can be anything
from 4 - 9 ft (1.2 - 2.7m) in length
of which a third is made up of the tail.
The female is generally smaller than
the male and can weigh as little as
46lb (21kg).
The head is much rounder than usual in
cats and their ears are also more
rounded.  The colour of the short fur
varies from a yellowish-brown to red,
and is sometimes darker in the winter. 
The throat, chest and belly are white
with the ridge of the back and the tail
usually marked by darker line, the tail
being tipped with black. 
The Puma leads a solitary life and
usually hunts in an area of 12 square
miles, favourite food being deer.
Pumas are sometimes reported as  
having been spotted in the UK, usually
when it is a nice hot sunny day they
are spotted sunning themselves on a
rock or patch of grass near to a wood.