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UK Big Cats - Black Panther
Possibly the most well known and the most
reported sightings of all the big cats in the
UK, the Black Panther is a black or
melanistic variety of the Leopard.
However the name has also been applied
to the black or dark versions of the Puma,
Cougar and Jaguar. 
So a correct identification of a big cat
sighting is not always possible.
Around 7ft (2.1m) in length of which 3ft is
the tail, average is weight is 100lb (45kg),
the Black Panther an excellent tree climber
and very agile, mainly hunting at night
using sight and smell.
The Black Panther, whether Jaguar, Puma
or Leopard is a truly amazing creature.
Large black cats are very often reported
as the ones having been seen and could
sometimes be mistaken for actually being
a dog at long distances, but there were
lots of Black Panthers kept as pets in the