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UK Big Cats - Ocelot (Leopardus Pardalis)
The Ocelot or Painted Leopard as it is
sometimes referred to is a small but highly
patterned member of the cat family.
Usually growing to an overall length of 4 
½ft (1.4m) and with a shoulder height of
around 20 inches (50.8cm)
A fully grown male will weigh between 8
and 16 kg.
The Ocelot has short fur which varies in
colour from a creamy tawny yellow to a
reddish grey. in colour, with their
under parts and inside the limbs white.
Their markings extend length ways along
both their back and sides the backs and 
sides, which gives a striped blotched
look, rather than round spots, and are
bordered black with paler centres.
Ocelots use two methods of hunting, one
is to stalk its prey, the other is to just
sit and wait for the prey to walk by,
sometimes they stay waiting for up to
an hour before moving on.
There main diet consists of rabbits, small
deer, rodents and sometimes fish.
The Ocelot is a very agile creature due 
to it's small size and is also a very
capable swimmer.