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UK Big Cats - Jungle Cat (Felis Chaus)
The Ocelot or Swamp Cat as it is
sometimes referred to is a sandy yellow 
or reddish grey colour with only it's under
parts in a lighter white or cream.
The only other markings are a dark brown
stripe their legs and a ring pattern on
the short tail which also has dark tip.
Usually growing to an overall length of
about 28 inches (70cm) and standing
around 15 inches (38cm) tall the Jungle
Cat is not much bigger in size than a
at domestic cat.
Jungle Cats primary food source consists
of small rodents, mammals and birds
although they have been known to take
larger prey on occasion.
When out hunting Jungle Cats silently
creep up on their prey before breaking 
into a trot and pouncing on their prey.
They are fast for their size and have
been recorded at speeds of up to 23 kph.