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UK Big Cats - The Jaguar (Panthera Onca)
The Jaguar is often confused with the
USFWS / Gary Stolz
Leopard because both have spots in
rosettes, butthose of the Jaguar have a
black spot in the centre.
The yellowish ground colour is similar
in both but in the Jaguar the rosettes tend
to be more concentrated along the back.
Jaguars are 5 - 9ft (1.7 - 2.7m) in height
with one third being the tail. 
At the length  shoulder they stand around
2 ft and can weigh between 125 & 250lb
which makes them heavier than the
Leopard or Puma.
Jaguars are good tree climbers and usually
have their own territory of 2 - 5 square